Image by Magnascan from Pixabay 

You start a relationship with this person, but soon other people are wondering what you two see in each other. You don’t even have much in common…

from Is It Love? Or Attachment?

There’s a common misconception about relationship – that relationship is fostered by common ground.

But men and women have very little in common, beyond the arms and legs they both are equipped with.

And seeking common ground between two people is just diluting that inherent unbridgeable difference that is based in their unique existence.

It’s seeking a copy self. It’s looking for the easy.

Relationship is ultimately with the not-self, the other.

And nothing is more other for woman than man, for man than woman.

Why not love the other?

Instead of seeking a safe attachment, to a validated bet?

Find out where that leads you?

But it’s not safe, oh no, definitely not safe.

But being born into a body is invariably fatal: what have you got to lose?

Your life?

Love – which is actually life – may yet touch you.

When it does you will find you do not have any choice anyway.

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay