Credits: Unknown

If the reader, that is I — the I in the body reading these words — am still reading, then it’s safe to assume that ‘I’ already have some knowledge of what I am. I may have noticed some, a few, or many, of the following points:

I am not always truthful

I am not always honest

I am not always pleasant to others

I am not always content

I am not always pleasant to be with

I am sometimes angry

I am sometimes moody

I am sometimes aggressive

I sometimes regret being aggressive

I am sometimes confused

I sometimes have conversations with myself

I sometimes tell myself off

I sometimes criticize myself

I sometimes boast

I sometimes want something

I sometimes am greedy for something

I sometimes reject others

I sometimes regret actions I have made.

I am not telling you anything that you — that I — don’t know — am I?

One? Which one?

If I, that I that is in the body reading these words, look closely at the list above I might notice something. I might notice that I am not in fact always one being but am often more than one.