To find anything out we need to look at it straight, without preconceptions. I have pointed out elsewhere that it is reasonable that universal truth should be universally available to all who look, without any condition of time, or place, or circumstance. After all, if this were not so, universal truth would not be universal — would it?

This means that it must be the case that everything required for us to know the truth is available to us right now where we are.

We don’t need to go anywhere, buy anything, learn anything, or do anything to find out the truth. We just need to see it, recognise it, and live it.

Easily said!

The problem isn’t the things that we don’t know; it’s the things we ‘know’ that ain’t so (Mark Twain)

If you are still here, reading, it may be that you’re not sure that you know what truth is.

If that is the case it may be that all the knowledge you already have has not led you to any lasting truth.

So it is likely that the first step will be to realise that your present knowledge and beliefs are of no use to you in the search for truth.

And that’s your first step to take: to be able to suspend what you know and what you believe and — just look.

A note: in the material that follows, the same ideas will be presented repeatedly from varying angles. That’s to help with getting the idea. It will be a struggle at first. There will likely be a lot of resistance, internal argument and so on. Been there, done that.

Just look.