If you are still reading this then you are perhaps one of those people who is not satisfied with the offers, purposes, objectives, meanings and life paths that human society — any human society — lays out for you.

Follow me…

You are probably looking for some deeper meaning or purpose in your life.

If the description above does not fit you, then you will probably not want to read much further.

If you are looking for that deeper purpose or meaning, then you should also know that the author cannot give that to you. Even if it were possible, any such gift would be a fraud. Anything that comes from a third party, anything that comes out of anywhere or anyone other than your own knowledge and experience, is not your own. It’s something that is applied to you, layered on top of you, and is therefore just another falseness akin to those offered by human society. You probably have already perceived that, and that’s why you are looking for something else.

Know now that the search itself may be another part of the falseness, an outgrowth of the human society’s ways and means…

Still here?

Well then, let’s begin. You should know before we start that everything described here has been carried through by the author, the results have been seen, and are lived now. It’s not theoretical, and nothing will be gained by anything other than actually doing it.

Nor is there any claim of originality, apart from that originating from the fact that all viewpoints are unique. Much of what is relayed here was learned, and from various sources, which are credited in various places. The author is not an adherent to any church: nevertheless truth is found wherever we find it:

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV

In what follows one individual’s actions and some things that happened and that were found to be useful will be described, with some exercises for you to test for your own self. This may be useful to you or not.

Some alternate ways of looking at what is taken for granted will be presented for testing. This also may be useful to you or not.

If not, you will have lost nothing but some time in reading and trying stuff out.

Or, perhaps, you may find something useful; but if you do, it will not be in this material or in the author, it will be within you.