Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay 

It’s clear that ‘Seeking’ in its various aspects (a job, a career, an education, a lover, a house, gym success, spiritual enlightenment) is a very involving and engaging exercise. It takes up loads of time, leads to all sorts of interesting encounters, thoughts, schemes, and plans (we present one here after all, for those that need it) — but in fact there is no path to any enlightenment (the other sorts of seeking are pretty doubtful too, once achieved…) . 

 There is no road, motorway, route, lane, byway, bus, ship, plane or underground passage or tunnel through the unconscious mind that goes there, and so there are no short-cuts – because there is no ‘where’ to go.

That’s because the end point of seeking enlightenment is a lightening; which is a loss — not a gain.

It’s a diminishment — a loss of the falseness covering the truth.

There’s less, not more.

“Enlightenment, awakeness, liberation” — whatever the heck you want to call it, is nothing at all.

That’s why it’s a liberation — from seeking anything, amongst other things.

So why on Earth should you bother about it?

If there’s no path then how can you attain it?

Well you can’t.

Either it will happen — or it won’t.

But those who do awaken are awake.

Image by PommeGrenade from Pixabay