This material documents just one man’s discoveries and insights. No-one stands alone, and I have benefited from the efforts, explanations and gifts of many others, who I have credited where appropriate. The insights reveal the previously misunderstood meanings of other material, so it is inferred that much of what has happened here is probably universal; but no doubt not all.


As I have said elsewhere, this material is presented in part as a payback for what I have received:

…in an attempt to help others who may be facing the mix of joy, freedom and confusion that can result. All such attempts must finally fail because what happens in one place never repeats in another.”

The author is just one man. I suspect and see (but cannot know) that man and woman face equal but distinct hurdles, and the depiction here is of that faced by men. Much will be similar for all, but my wife has already corrected some of my excessive assumptions of parity. There may be more 🙂

So, please take what is useful and discard that which is not. Only be sure why anything here is being discarded.

And remember, know, live your truth.