What’s the aim? Well whatever the aim may be, in a certain sense, it doesn’t much matter. There’s a big problem for anyone wanting to get help or clarity. This problem is ‘dead masters’, or dead matter.

Since time immemorial some individuals have sought to be free, and be master of themselves1. Many have achieved some name or notoriety through their attempts. Many of those famed for becoming enlightened have apparently indeed arrived at freedom, though whether this is due to any effort or merit of their own is another question — which they are not here to answer.

Useless in present practice

However marvellous the master was, and many of them were — there’s a big problem with them. There’s no help available for you from dead masters. The thing that gives away this awful truth is the simple fact that — they are dead. This means they can’t contradict you when you go and ask for clarification on whatever misunderstanding you are currently obsessed with. Their matter is dead, and so are they.

Not answering questions: Credits Pixabay

Am I saying avoid these dead masters? No, no — read their books, poems, hearts — engage as best you can. I did.

But for correction of your confusion, only go to live masters. And they are rather rare.

So if all else fails you may have to make do for a bit with the present author, who does not claim to be a master, but who fortuitously has lost his self. And also fortuitously is not yet dead. This will change, and the author will then also be dead matter, unable to clarify the unclear…

  1. master here is NOT gendered for there’s as many of each gender who’ve achieved mastery, even if male seekers mostly reference male masters