The only ‘Dawn of Time’ that this author knows anything about is that that is happening Right Now Right Here. All the same, it is clear that in a successionary sense, events follow each other. Or at least, this is the appearance, the narrative and sense of the story we put together called ‘how life works’.

And in that same sense, women and men must have been encountering this gift of the truth since the ‘Dawn of Time’. It’s happening Now, it has always been happening (and always happening Now! ).

This means that this happening has been described (when it has been described) in many languages, using the familiar analogies of many cultures, dressed in the symbolism of many places, over many thousands of years.


A far as this author can tell what happens is fundamentally, in its roots and unveiling, identical.

But the language and modes continually change.

To add extra complication (because that is what the human ‘mind’ always does), these writings and descriptions are always read in translation and translation is always an approximation to the original. It may be a good approximation, but we don’t really know, cannot really know, what the original is — not when there are at the very least three levels of translation:

— translation of time

— translation of place

— translation of person

Even if the original material was written last week in your native language, the person, place, and time are different, so some translation is unavoidably involved.

With material from other cultures and distant epochs, the room for confusion and misunderstanding is multiplied indefinitely.

What can be done? Very little until the essence is seen.

Perhaps, learn to look between the thoughts for the way out…