Once, I was very knowledgeable. I had a lot of expertise on many subjects, based on long study and much experience. Then that went away, when I saw that much of my knowledge was opinion—someone else’s attested opinion— and the rest was just information — which is the imposition of form on chaos.

Once one sees that all there is is appearance, then the appearance of knowledge is seen through.

It is seen that there is no basis for knowledge, because there is no availability of truth, beyond the simple truth of aware being.

Appearance is of course overwhelmingly convincing, until it is seen to still be just appearance.

And I have no idea at all of what might lie beyond appearance. So I am free of all knowledge.

That does not mean I cannot use a clock — information — to determine the time, and then use a bus timetable — information — to know how long I am supposed to have to wait for a bus. But the bus will come, chaotically, when it does, not when the timetable says, and all information is just as conditional, just as useful, but conditional on underlying chaos, which occasionally overwhelms the information.

Now, I know — nothing. I don’t even know that I know nothing. And that is part of life.