Elsewhere I have written at length about what you can do to prepare for growing up – but it’s lengthy.

I have here condensed the preparation to five points.

Preparation does not imply anything will happen. If it does, it will be easier to handle.

  1. Learn to breathe naturally again, rather than into the upper chest — if you do.
  2. Separate from thinking; cease thinking that you are thought, thinking. 
  3. Stop pretending you are in control; immediately accept what life delivers.
  4. Be grateful without limits, for the whole of your life.
  5. Die to your self; see that you are that which sees the self, and not the self that you see.
  6. There is no six, obviously, so don’t look for anything further until the above is complete.

There, that’s easy enough to follow, isn’t it? 


Image by Kanechka from Pixabay