Image by John Hain from Pixabay 

There is ultimately One as the source; therefore all that is genuinely manifested in existence is unique, irreplaceable, and eternal. But not eternal in its present manifestation, only in its original being, where it comes from.

This includes the ‘enlightened’.

No two awakened beings are identical.

No two not-yet-awakened beings are identical.

This follows from their necessarily unique part of the One individuality.

It’s in part for this reason that the ‘teachings’ and received experiences of the awakened are so variable. These cannot be the same. They can have the same core of truth, but it will necessarily be subtly different in its flavour, in its manifestation.

There are discernible similarities in all of the awakened, for they are all awakened to the same being, of which all are part. But if the similarities were to become identities — well then then one of those identities is false. It is either a simulacrum, intentional or otherwise, or simply a lie. A deception, a con.

The disparity in descriptions and understandings is evidence of the truth in action.

And another truth enacted is that no awakened being in existence is completed. Awakening is the beginning of the awareness of the full being, not its end point. There is always more to realise here, until the end of more, which is (apparently) bodily death. And each apparent being progresses in their own sequence.

Another obvious fact is that every awakened being in existence retains residual self, howsoever slight it may be.

A body is psychical self, a manifestation in psychic reality.

While in the awakened what we might describe as the centring in the ego-centre will have gone, there necessarily remains a trace of ego-sense. Without this the body could not survive as a body.

So with all of this as a given, a particular awakened being will fit or not-fit with a particular non-awakened being. This is not a question of judging, or right or wrong. It’s to do with a fit — for now.

There will be subtle resonances between beings, just as a note sounded on a piano can make a guitar or violin sing on the fundamental or even harmonic resonance.

Find being where there is resonance.

And as the wakening continues, the note may go higher, so the resonance — and the instrument — may change…

Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay