What is the divine? What could it mean? Well, do we know what ‘divining’ is?

It became entirely apparent to the writer while still a child through experience that the ‘gods’ of religion were almost universally an entirely man-made projection that was essentially the human ego writ large in all its worst and best aspects.

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That is not what this writer is pointing to with the word ‘divine’.

The clear understanding of the projective nature of ‘god’ indicated above led to a brief existence as an atheist, which lasted not more than a week, when someone pointed out the self-evident fact that atheism was a belief. So agnosticism became the description of the position held. This was to be so for many years.

However, little by little this position was eroded.

The experiences that led to this erosion are too unbelievable to be listed here, but that does not affect the fact of the experience. The general area that applies is that of the mystics.

Finally the writer is convinced that there is a principle – a source – a no-thing that is indescribable – behind the apparent existence, that in fact IS, and also that the apparent existence is actually that – apparent. It’s absolutely as real as human experience can get, but nonetheless in its most important essence irreal.

Nothing whatever can be said of such a principle, or source, or No-thing, for it does not exist, has no existence. Rather existence is within it. All that can be done is point to it. Humans point with fingers, paintings, music, dance, theories… and signs, or words.

It is recognised that this stated viewpoint might be mistaken for a christian or other religious viewpoint, or pantheism, or be regarded as a heresy. No offence is meant to such viewpoints (other than the latter)  but that is not where this author is placed.

Whatever ‘that’ is, that lies behind the fact of apparency, is the divine, and it is sometimes divined, just as a water diviner sometimes divines water.

Also as with water, the divine’s always there, somewhere, even if it’s not always divined.

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The essence of the divine is absolute — unconditioned — love, and this, love, is the constructional material, the underlying base, which permits the apparency of all appearance and existence.

Love is exquisitely equipped to manifest everything as appearance, and provide the framework of experience; the experience of appearance is existence.

Sometimes we know it.