Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

For some time now I have been attempting to localise perception. What I mean by this is to locate where in apparent perceptual reality the differing perceptions lie. This can only make sense to those few attempting something similar.

Visual perception ‘seems’ to be immediately ‘in front’. The sensations of the body are down a bit and perhaps slightly to the right. Hearing is sensed behind the plane of the visual perceptions, it is ‘closer’. Taste is roughly aligned with most other body sensation. The guts are slightly to the left. Clearly I have no idea whether this is universal or unique — there’s few to compare notes with.

What is both universal and unique is the realisation that every bit of anger, violence, cruelty and exploitation I ever apparently perceive in the outer universe is not there at all. Its source is within me. It is actually projected into my (as I now, today, know) very intimate plane of perception through me. I am the source, I am the gate through which all that comes. All awfulness comes through me. All beauty, joy, kindness and love comes the same way.

I am the way. As a Man once said.

What comes along my way?

As another Man said, ‘Surrender’.

And what does Woman say? Men always pretend that it is woman who never stops talking, but paradoxically, as far as I can tell, Speech is not necessarily her Way. Her Way is Love, and that means Action, not Words.


Woman is a ray of God, not a mere mistress,
The Creator’s Self, as it were, not a mere creature!