Information about the author is in no way important to the event called awakening, or liberation, or enlightenment, as applied to the reader.

However there are now many people on the internet who it would appear claim to be “enlightened”. Perhaps they are. Perhaps not. Other commentators claim that enlightenment is exceedingly rare — which would also seem to be true. To definitively evaluate any of these claims is impossible.

Moreover, in my own experience, there are levels to the depth of self-knowledge, so that might apply to the claimants as well.

So, it is reasonable to want to know who is (the very ordinary being) behind the writings on this site.

And that is me, a man called James Roberts. 

There will never be a demand here from me for you to believe anything, to accept anything or pay anything, and that is your first protection against falseness and delusion. But the strongest protection comes from your own sense of truth, what is sometimes called “the ring of truth”.

This is a distinct perceptual mode that we all manifest, where some aspect of us recognises the truth directly. Truth has a distinct and recognisable “flavour”, or “sound” – hence the “ring” of it. Listen for that ring, which is in you, not the material you read. If it is not there, neither is the truth. The material is then not true for you. It may be that the time is not right — sometimes material that does not ring true at one time, is seen differently at another later time. So it is often worth revisiting material. We are all subtly different in our true nature, some things will not be true for all of us.

The whole of the exercises are exercises in self-investigation, and the self that is being investigated is your own self, not the author’s self.

You will be the author of your own insights through your own actions and observations.

Nonetheless, since the human condition is universal, we can learn from each other, and this material is offered in the hope that it may be useful.

With all that said, here, as a matter of record, is what happened to your author.

Waking up: the simple fact

Image from Pixabay 

One day — I woke up. Then, four years later, I woke up more.

Whatever’s next?

This awakening is sometimes referred to as “spiritual enlightenment”.

“Awakening” is maybe more to the point. Or perhaps, “liberation”. But all labels really are bunkum.

This material exists to offer encouragement to others who want to wake up, or have started to wake up; just as I received help from others. But nothing here is likely to awaken you. It will come when it comes.

Is this ‘awakening’ real?

Yes — but please don’t believe me, find out for your self.

I have met various other people who have awakened – to more or less of a degree. I know of others. And I have read works by many more.

I had been seeking this awakening for most of my adult life, but I never found it: it found me, and the seeking ‘I’ was left out of it altogether.

In language it is all inescapably paradoxical.

The way of paradoxes is the way of truth. To test Reality we must see it on the tight-rope. 

Oscar Wilde

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